Poisoned Bread: Workers Left 'Gift' of Rat Poisoned Bread in Office, 25 Hospitalized (VIDEO)

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(Photo: Reuters/Carlo Allegri)A police crime scene.

Poisoned bread rolls have hospitalized more than two dozen workers in Germany this week, according to reports.

The poisoning incident has taken place in Germany, with workers at Muller Technology finding poisoned sandwiches left in two containers in the office with thank you notes on them.

Reportedly the act of employees leaving gifts and snacks for one another as a "thank you" is a regular occurrence in the company.

The poisoned rolls were left this time with thank you notes signed messily and difficult to identify - some employees believed the notes were signed by a "Daniel," and others a "Paul."

However, unlike past gifts left for employees, these rolls allegedly contained poison rat flakes dyed with a red tracer, which had been concealed under cheese and sausage slices.

It is believed as many as 25 employees had tasted the rolls before someone discovered the rat poison in them.

The affected employees were rushed to hospital for observation and treatment, and were held there for some time to ensure they would not have any adverse reactions. It is believed that there can be up to 72 hours after ingesting the poison for it to take affect and make the victim sick. The poison coumarin can make victims critically ill.

The news comes int he same week as numerous poisoned letters were sent to various senators as well as President Barack Obama in the United States. In those cases it is believed that the letters were tainted with the potentially deadly poison ricin. Although President Obama and the senators who were sent the poisoned letters were unharmed as the letters were intercepted before reaching them, the postal workers and staff who handled the letters could be in more danger.

Analysis of those letters is still ongoing, although a man has been arrested on Wednesday evening in that case.

Here is a video talking about the discover of Coumarin: