'Pokémon GO' Gameplay: App Store Leak Hints Legendary Monster Will Arrive Anytime Soon

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Reports are hopeful that a Legendary Pokémon will be added to the "Pokémon GO" game anytime soon following an App Store leak.

An eagle-eyed "Pokémon GO" trainer from India spotted a game advertisement in the country's iOS App Store's "Great new updates" tab that clearly said "first legendary Pokémon"  A screenshot to prove the discovery was then shared in the largest Reddit network of "Pokémon GO" trainers called The Silph Road.

iOS App Store users from other regions apparently did not see the same leak, so it appears that the mistake was only visible for users in India. Interestingly, though, the news update about the legendary Pokémon was paired with the "Special Pikachu with Hat" which has already been released.

The addition of Legendary Pokémon is the next highly anticipated update to "Pokémon GO" following the Raid Battles. However, Niantic has since been silent about the matter.

However, apart from the leaked news update on the iOS App Store, several other clues were discovered by curious "Pokémon GO" users that pointed to the looming release of legendary Pokémon.

SlashGear recently discovered several codes tucked in the "Pokémon GO" app that clearly hinted at a legendary Pokémon release. Furthermore, the codes that SlashGear found were somewhat confirmation that legendary monsters will be distributed through winning Raid Battles against Raid Bosses.

The codes SlashGear found that prove the speculations include set_NumLegendaryBattleWon, get_NumLegendaryBattleTotal, set_NumLegendaryBattleTotal, ERROR_LEGENDARY_POKEMONGymDeploy, TotalCompletedLegendaryRaidsset_, NumbertotalCompletedLegendaryRaids, ITEM_LEGENDARY_RAID_TICKET and more.

Added to that, reports are also rife that Tier 5 Raid Battles are already being tested by the developers of "Pokémon GO."

Upon the release of the Raid Battles-bearing update, the monsters appear to be divided into four tiers only. However, players always believed that there would be another tier where legendary Pokémon are likely to be categorized.

Confirming those speculations, several trainers and Reddit users have previously spotted Tier 5 monsters being tested for Raid Battles.

With all these clues, players believe that it will not take long before Niantic updates the game to add the first legendary Pokémon.