'Pokémon Go' News: Effects of 27th Nest Migration Observed, Find Out Which Pokémon Are Spawning More Frequently

Another nest migration is expected to take place in two weeks
YouTube courtesy of Pokémon GoAnother nest migration recently took place inside 'Pokémon Go'

As expected, there was another nest migration that took place inside "Pokémon Go" recently, which means there are again some significant changes for players to take note of.

Just as a refresher, nest migrations typically lead to particular Pokémon either showing up or appearing less frequently in certain areas.

There is no real rhyme or reason to which Pokémon pop up where, which is why many players have taken it upon themselves to venture outside whenever one of these migrations occurs to see what seems to be new in their neck of the woods.

Several players provided details regarding their updated nests over on r/TheSilphRoad Subreddit, and it appears that some Pokémon are indeed showing up more often.

The Pokémon known as Onix, for instance, is one that some players are seeing frequently. Onix can be a useful enough Pokémon inside the game, and it can evolve into the cool-looking Steelix, so players may want to take a shot at catching it if they just so happen to see this creature in the wild.

Voltorbs are apparently appearing more often as well. Voltorbs are probably best known for their close resemblance with Poké Balls, but these creatures can still shock opponents who let their guard down.

On the other end of the spectrum, it seems as though the Dunsparce is tougher to find now inside "Pokémon Go" after the most recent nest migration.

Changes have been observed with Machop as well, with some noting that this Pokémon is showing up more, while others are reporting that it is no longer appearing as often as before.

It is worth mentioning that another nest migration is expected to take place in two weeks, so even if the effects of this one did not turn out too well, there is another one coming soon that can change that.

More news about "Pokémon Go" should be made available in the near future.