'Pokémon Go' News: Massive Update Introduces Additional Gen 3 Pokémon, And Even More Creatures Could Be Arriving Later

Devs also implementing a new weather system that can impact gameplay
Pokémon official websiteTreecko and some other Gen 3 Pokémon can now be found inside 'Pokémon Go'

The holidays are nearly here, and just in time for all the celebration, the folks at Niantic have decided to give "Pokémon Go" players an early gift.

Developers recently confirmed in a post on the game's official website that more Pokémon originally found in the Hoenn region are now going to start popping up in the wild.

In other words, more Gen 3 Pokémon have just been added to the game.

Notably, developers already introduced a few Gen 3 Pokémon previously.

During the Halloween event, developers added some Gen 3 creatures who could fit into the spooky theme. Only a few of them were added back then, but now, the developers have made good on their promise and increased the creature population once again.

The developers also teased that they were planning to add even more creatures "over the next several weeks," and some players may have already found a few clues related to them.

In a recent post on the r/TheSilphRoad subreddit, "dronpes" detailed some of the interesting things that can now be found in the game's updated files.

Among these discoveries are new moves, and there are 10 of them. Currently, it is unclear which creatures in "Pokémon Go" will be receiving these moves, though some players are guessing that they could be linked to ones not presently in the game.

While it is still unclear which other Pokémon may be added soon, players can count on seeing new weather effects being implemented.

These weather effects are going to significantly impact gameplay, so players are going to have to be mindful of them whenever they are out looking for more creatures to catch.

The additional weather effects now in the game may even make it easier for players to catch some of the new Pokémon.

More news about "Pokémon Go" should be made available in the near future.