'Pokémon Go': Nest Migration No. 23 Observed, Find Out Which Creatures Have Been Spotted More Frequently

24th nest migration expected to take place in two weeks
YouTube courtesy of Pokémon GoAnother nest migration has taken place inside 'Pokémon Go'

It is nest migration time once again inside "Pokémon Go," and that means players all over the world may be able to see some new creatures showing up where they are.

Many Trainers are now well aware of when these migrations take place and have wasted no time reporting the changes they have seen thus far.

Over on r/TheSilphRoad Subreddit, players are reporting that more Machops are now showing up. Machops are not the easiest ones to find in the wild, so players lucky enough to have a nest featuring them nearby will want to stock up while they can.

Some players have also reported that more Abras are starting to show up. Again, this is not a commonly found Pokémon and may be one worth catching repeatedly while a nest is nearby.

Interestingly enough, there are players who have also noted that they are seeing more Scythers, while there are also those who are not running into them anymore.

Just as a reminder, these "Pokémon Go" nest migrations vary from one area to the next, so even if some trends do emerge, players are still advised to go ahead and check out the nests in their area. Players likely do not want to miss out on a nest that constantly produces rare Pokémon near where they are just because they failed to check.

Notably, since the event featuring fire and ice Pokémon is still live, players may also see them more frequently, but that may have nothing to do with the latest nest migration.

Also, if a player finds that this particular nest migration has not been kind to them, then there is some good news for them.

These migrations have been taking place two weeks apart consistently for a while now, so if this one proved unlucky, the next one could be better.

More news about "Pokémon Go" should be made available in the near future.