Pokemon X and Y: Catch Shiny Honedge Pokemon on Route 6 or Through Egg Hatch (VIDEO)

(PHOTO: Youtube screenshot)Youtube screen shot of Pokemon X and Y covers.

Fans of Pokemon X and Y have been going crazy trying to catch Shiny Pokemon in the new game as a number of hints and tips have been circulating around the Internet. Now a tip to catch the sword-shaped Pokemon, Honedge, has surfaced.

Players of the game have been reporting that a Shiny Honedge is located on Route 6, or can be hatched from an egg.

In the video below, the person playing brings the viewer to the exact location of where he found the Honedge, and then shows him off in his evolved form, Doublade. However, the footage does not provide actual footage of capturing the Pokemon.

The toughest way of finding a Shiny Honedge is trying to hatch one. The gamer in this video said it took 40 to 50 tries to hatch a Shiny one, however commenters on the video said it took them anywhere from 200 to 400 times.

"This is my first shiny in the game, took about 40 or 50 eggs before I got to it, and it's a brave nature," said Youtube channel Mootypwns.

The most common way of encountering a Shiny Pokemon is by a method called chaining, which can be done in either the water or on land.

It is important to equip your character with some essential items to be prepared to find the Shiny Pokemon because the odds have been reported to be a 1 in 8,000 chance of finding them, which is significantly lowered to 1 in 200 using chaining.

The items needed are Ultra Balls, Dive Balls, and Pokemon with Octillery or Inkay abilities when searching in the water. Upon gathering the items, head on over to Route 16 and speak to one of the fishermen in the houses, reported IBTimes.

After speaking to the man, cast the line out near the stones, and keep reeling in Pokemon and running from the battle immediately until the Shiny appears. This will create a chain, which is important to not break because after around 40 casts, the odds go up and a Shiny should appear if done correctly.

Another way to catch shiny Pokemon has been diagrammed on a Tumblr account called Yellowfur.

A complete diagram explaining how to catch these shiny Pokemon in grass is located here.

Lastly, one of the most recent hints on how to catch a shiny Pokemon involves a waiter within the game.

According to Product–Reviews.net, if a gamer enters a cafe and beats the waiter's Pokemon in a specific fashion, and then tips him, shiny Pokemon will be more available.

If you have any more tips on catching Shiny Pokemon, please comment below.