Pokemon X and Y: Catch Shiny Pokemon Using Instacheck Program, Shiny Value, and Reddit (Explained)

Pokemon X and Y Shiny Pokemon are the one of the biggest in game fads at the moment, and with all of the tips and pointers on how to acquire them, the most efficient way now is through Shiny Values and Instacheck.

There is a new app called Instacheck that gives the gamer a number of statistics to help them understand their chances of finding a Shiny. There stats accounted for are Trainer Shiny Value, Egg Shiny Value, IVs, EVs, and PIDs, reports IBTimes.

"Instacheck Hotspot uses your computer's wireless connection to create a wi-fi hotspot, which you must use to connect your 3DS to the internet. Your computer can then analyze all network traffic going to your 3DS, and find the data of all Pokémon shown or sent to you in a trade. Instacheck lets you view their details -- even of unhatched eggs!" said a description at the forum that discussed the app.

Egg Shiny Value can be found when the ID and Secret ID are added together. Trainer Shiny Value can be found when checking a freshly hatched Pokemon with the OT.

In order to get a Shiny a trainer and his egg's Shiny Value must match. To increase the odds of this happening, a Reddit thread was created to pair up potential matches. Players can post their Shiny Values and find someone with the number they need. Then they trade Pokemon and the other person hatches it for them and trades it back on an honesty system.

The creator of the Instacheck system is aware that some gamers feel the app hurts the integrity of the game.

"I know several people have the opinion that Instacheck is bad for the game and that shinies should only be 'natural', or Instacheck makes producing shinies too easy. While that's the opposite of my viewpoint, feel free to talk about the impact of this program," said the creator to IBTimes.

If looking to find a Shiny Pokemon in the wild without hatching with help, there are a number of ways to do so. The most common way of encountering a Shiny Pokemon is by a method called chaining, which can be done in either the water or on land.

The items needed are Ultra Balls, Dive Balls, and Pokemon with Octillery or Inkay abilities when searching in the water. Upon gathering the items, head on over to Route 16 and speak to one of the fishermen in the houses, reported IBTimes.

After speaking to the man, cast the line out near the stones, and keep reeling in Pokemon and running from the battle immediately until the Shiny appears. This will create a chain, which is important to not break because after around 40 casts, the odds go up and a Shiny should appear if done correctly.

Another way to catch shiny Pokemon has been diagrammed on a Tumblr account called Yellowfur.

A complete diagram explaining how to catch these shiny Pokemon is located here.