Pokemon X and Y Cheaters and Hackers Exposed by Special Marking in Game

Pokemon X and Y has fallen victim to in game cheats through a variation of hacked Pokemon that do not appear to have weaknesses and are much stronger than their counterparts. However, a new way to spot cheaters has been discovered.

Pokemon was taking a huge hit in their online competitive community with hundreds of people using artificially enhanced Pokemon that were unbeatable with a normal batch. These hackers would use online codes and cheat while breeding Pokemon to create a bunch of elite, and fake, characters. This gave everyone playing the game the right way an unfair advantage. For Pokemon purists, these hacks were the equivalent of using steroids in sports.

The new game made some changes to how breeding works to even the playing field and to cut back on beating the system. however, hackers will always exist and find a way to one-up everyone else.

Pokemon news site Serebii posted on how a gamer could spot a hacked Pokemon within the game, that way the person playing can stay away when searching for opponents or making trades.

"In the status screen for Pokémon, and seen in trades and in the box, you may have noticed a blue pentagon next to your Pokémon. This pentagon is a confirmation of being obtained in-game. If your Pokémon has this, it confirms it was obtained legitimately in-game or through event. If not, then it has an error and has been hacked, or potentially from another region," reported Kotaku.