Pokemon X and Y Cheats: Get Max Style Points by Purchasing Premier Poke Balls

Gamers of Pokemon X and Y have been slowing letting out hints and cheats to bolster stats, money, and even finding shiny Pokemon. Now, there is also a way to boost your character's style points.

Gamezone reports that the easiest way to boost style points is to head on over to Lumiose City, and do a little shopping and returning.

The best way to do this is to walk into the Poke Ball Boutique on Autumnal Avenue, and buy the fancy Premier Ball for $200. It is important to buy the balls one at a time. Every-time the ball is purchased, the character will get points. Gamezone said about 70 Premier Balls should do the trick for bumping up style points to the max. Once finished, all of the items can be returned.

Other methods in boosting style points are taking a cab around the town, which will give a slight boost. To save money on the fare, do not pay, and battle the driver instead.

Style Points do not directly affect the character's Pokemon performance in any way, but perks may be awarded for being stylish. Certain items in the game will be cheaper because of the amount of style the character has, and other minor issues like that.

A new glitch within the game that causes a Mysterious multiplying egg is the latest problem in Pokemon X and Y when making a trade.

Gamers can run into the problems through Wonder Trade. IBTimes reported that while a trade may occur smoothly, a glitchy Pokemon may take its place and transform into an egg that serves no purpose. It can not be hatched, released, or traded. It just takes up space.

However, that is not where the problems end. This Mystery Egg can begin to multiply and essentially spread a virus to the PC box they are located in within the game.

"Mystery Eggs can corrupt the PC box that they're in and can also corrupt every Pokemon within that box, as well as any other box it's been in. EVERY BOX THE EGG HAS BEEN IN WILL BECOME INFECTIOUS," said an official announcement from the game's Facebook.

The best way to deal with the problem is to set the egg in its own box and not touch or try to do anything with it.