Pokemon X and Y First Impressions, Reviews: Calling it 3D is a Bit 'Misleading,' Says One Gamer

Pokemon X and Y has been out for a full day already and early indications suggest the game is a hit, however, some have a few gripes for issues concerning graphics or the difficulty settings in the game.

"The only issue I have is that it isn't in 3d for the whole game. Just the fights and some cut scenes. It doesn't affect me much because I play with it off but it just seems misleading," said Pokemon gamer, David Paradise to The Christian Post.

However, many have praised the updated graphics and feel the colors and vastness of the world make the game so much more appealing.

"I'm impressed with the graphics, the world is immersive, especially in the large cities, and the monsters themselves are full of personality in battle," said gamer Zach Foster, who got the game at midnight, to CP.

He said there is a feature in the game called, PokemonAmie. There you can pet and play with any of your Pokemon as you develop the "bond" the game makers were seeking to achieve.

"There are some downfalls, however, as they have made the game easier with Stat Training, and with Exp given even if you catch a Pokemon, as well as Exp Share granting exp to all of your party," Foster said. "Grinding is a breeze, maybe too much so. Basically what I am saying is that I am curious to see how all of this factors into the Competitive Metagamer circuits and Tournaments."

Twitter user @Desk05 is enjoying the graphics and new game play.

"I love the graphics in the game, the Pokemon moves as well are well executed," they said.

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