Pokemon X and Y Mega Evolution Charizard Revealed in New Trailer (VIDEO)

Nintendo released a new trailer for Pokemon X and Y showing off fan favorite character Charizard's Mega Evolution form for the first time.

Charizard has a different evolutionary form in game X and in game Y, and the trailer shows both.

The Pokemon will transform to one of the evolutions depending on if it holds Charizardite X or Charizardite Y according to IGN. Normally the character is a flying/fire Pokemon, the mega evolution will change it to dragon/fire type with heightened abilities and the ability.

In X, it will have blue flames and an ability known as Tough Claws. In Y, it will have a special attack called Blast Burn, and use a boost called, Drought.

Mega Charizard X was also shown on the first episode of Pokemon Origins, a new cartoon based on the game that aired in Japan today.

See the trailer here.

An issue of Japanese magazine CoroCoro revealed there will also be two MewTwo evolution forms, Mega MewTwo X and Mega MewTwo Y, as well as exclusive items in each of the games. Two of those items are Mewtwonite X and Mewtwonite Y, stones that will evolve the regular version.

Nintendo and Pokemon X and Y are teaming up to make a 3DS bundle that draws inspiration from the two upcoming games.

The model will be a 3DS XL, and come in a blue X version and a red Y version with pictures of new legendary Pokemon, Yveltal and Xerneas.

The handheld comes with the standard AC adapter, stylus, SD Card, AR Cards reports CinemaBlend.

The unit will retail for $199.99, and will not include the game, which will be released October 12.