Pokemon X and Y News: X Version Deemed More Popular

Pokemon X and Y were released in the fall of last year and have gone on to become two extremely high-selling titles for the Nintendo 3DS.

(PHOTO: Nintendo)Pokemon X bundle at Target.

Nintendo originally declined to comment one which of the two is the more popular, but video game site Kotaku recently took a closer look at different evidence and discovered that the X version might take it.

By looking at the UKIE/GfK Chart-Track which keeps track of gaming sales in the U.K. Kotaku was able to discover which version of Pokemon is more popular. It released the list for the top 100 games in the U.K. where Pokemon Y ended up at number 29 while Pokemon X ranked a bit higher at number 27. This point could also be proven in the Nintendo eShop where X was downloaded 24116 times and Y was downloaded 23549 times.

Nintendo eventually caved shortly after this report was posted and confirmed that these lists were correct in stating that Pokemon X is more popular than Y. However, the company only revealed the data for the U.S. which has total sales for X at 1.63 million in Dec. and Y at 1.54 million for the same month.

A new Pokemon Z version could be on the way as the appearance of Zygarde in the X and Y games hints at this possibility.

This Zygarde is a ground-dragon type Pokemon that belongs to a group that emerges when the Kalos ecosystem fails into disarray, according to a report from the Japanese website 4Gamer. It has the highest damage output at multiple enemies during combat.

Zygarde comes with various abilities including Aura Break that is used to reverse the effects of auras like the characteristic properties of Zeruneasu "Fairy Aura" or Iberutaru "dark aura."

The confirmation of Zygarde in the game hints the release of Pokemon Z following suit with the historical schedule of the Pokemon company.