Pokemon X and Y Nintendo Direct Presentation With Satoru Iwata Tomorrow

Pokemon X and Y will be getting a Nintendo Direct presentation tomorrow that will broadcast globally and be hosted by the company's big boss, Satoru Iwata.

The video will be available on the east coast live at 7 a.m., in Japan at 8 p.m., and in Europe at 1 p.m.

The Nintendo executive will be discussing the new addition to the Pokemon franchise and show some demonstrations from the game as well as share any news.

X and Y will launch on October 12 for the handheld 3DS and is one of the most highly anticipated Pokemon games in years.

A demo for Pokemon X and Y was recently released, and through the short clip, gamers got a glimpse of some of the brand new features in the game.

For starters, Game Freak added Mega Evolutions to the characters, which can be activated through a special Mega Stone.

Only select Pokémon will be able to transform into a "Mega" form, and will require their own significant Mega Stone. According to the game company, these new mega evolved Pokémon will be much stronger in battle.

Another new feature will be the player's ability to ride their Pokemon in the same fashion as when the main character rode a bike in the previous games.

The demo is from Gamescon 2013, and starts the game off with an explanation by one of the game's professors. The character is then given a Mega Stone and the Pokemon, Mewtwo.

IGN reports a cool feature of the game is the ability to build relationships with the Pokemon. On a separate almost mini game like screen, the Pokemon can be pet and fed macaroons. The Pokemon can even react to the player's silly faces through the 3DS camera.

In the game's universe, players capture these Pokémon to train and battle against other opponents. In an RPG style of play, the stronger your Pokémon gets, the more it will level up. Once one of these creatures reaches a certain level, they evolve into a stronger form of themselves.

Nintendo is banking on Pokemon to bring enough attention to the company that their new handheld, the 2DS (being released the same day), will be enticing as well.

Wall Street Journal reports that when Pokemon Diamond and Pearl came out for the DS, the handheld's sales began to take off. The game went on to sell 18 million copies, the fifth most popular for the console with two more Pokemon games reaching the top 10 on the DS.