Pokemon X and Y Release Date: First in Series to Have Same Launch Date Worldwide

Pokemon X and Y will be the first game in the series that will be released simultaneously around the globe.

"Until now, the pattern has been to release games overseas a few months after the games have come out in Japan," said Pokemon's Tsunekazu Ishihara in an interview with Weekly Famitsu.

The game is always released first in Japan, and then comes over to the states and the rest of the world later. Now, with the world wide release, Nintendo feels everyone will appreciate the level playing field, and no one will be left behind.

Another factor about the delayed releases was the international online game play. A lot of times the Japanese gamers had the upper hand against others because they had the game first. Also, Japan, had the opportunity to spoil some key factors in the game for others playing.

"By releasing [Pokemon X and Y] simultaneously and allowing players around the world to enjoy the game on an equal stage, even I can't fully anticipate the outcome, and I'm looking forward to seeing the results," Ishihara continued. "I believe that Pokemon has always been 'a tool to connect people,' so it's interesting to see how playing the game evolves in areas – including the release timing – and how word spreads through the media comparatively."

The game executive is hoping the game brings in numbers as good as the previous games in the series, Diamond and Pearl, which sold a combined 5 million units in Japan alone.

Pokemon X and Y's latest trailer showed off fan favorite character Charizard's Mega Evolution form for the first time.

Charizard has a different evolutionary form in game X and in game Y, and the trailer shows both.

The Pokemon will transform to one of the evolutions depending on if it holds Charizardite X or Charizardite Y, according to IGN. Normally the character is a flying/fire Pokemon, the mega evolution will change it to dragon/fire type with heightened abilities.

In X, it will have blue flames and an ability known as Tough Claws. In Y, it will have a special attack called Blast Burn and use a boost called Drought.

Mega Charizard X was also shown on the first episode of Pokemon Origins, a new cartoon based on the game that aired in Japan yesterday.

The game will be released in seven languages on Oct. 12 for the 3DS.