Pokemon X and Y Reveals New Evolution on Facebook for Honedge 'Doublade'

As promised yesterday, Pokemon unveiled a new character's evolution for the upcoming Pokemon X and Y game on their Facebook.

The message read: "The evolved form of Honedge has been revealed! Meet Doublade! This Steel- and Ghost-type Pokémon is capable of carrying out intricate attacks by telepathically coordinating its two blades to deliver twice the slice in battle. Who's planning to catch this sharp-looking Pokémon?"

The new Pokemon is rather peculiar looking and not a creature at all, it is a sword, and now a double sword.

See the Doublade here.

Pokemon X and Y will also welcome two new fossil character additions to the franchise after a reveal from Nintendo.

The first of the two Pokemon is, Tyrunt. He is a rock/dragon type that comes from the Jaw Fossil and later evolves into Tyrantrum. As the name indicates, the Pokemon looks like a T-Rex.

The next one is, Amaru who then evolves into Aurorus. This Pokemon is a rock/ice type that comes from the Sail Fossil. This character resembles one of the long necked dinosaurs such as a brontosaurus.

Previously the two Pokemon were announced with only their Japanese names of Chigorasu and Amarusu.

In the games a player usually has the opportunity to get one fossil Pokemon within the game. The only other way to achieve one is by trade, this will hold true in X and Y.

More Pokemon leaks and reveals are expected to occur in the next few weeks leading up to the game's release.

Pokemon X and Y launches Oct. 12.