Pokemon X and Y Save Glitch Freezes Game and 3DS, Patch Fix Coming Soon

Gamers have been clamoring over the release of Pokemon X and Y, but a few have encountered a bug in the game that freezes it upon saving.

Venture Beat reports that simply rebooting the game will not will not fix the problem because the game will load right back to the point of the freeze.

Nintendo has confirmed the bug and plans on releasing a patch to fix it.

Gamers report the problem occurs when trying to save outside the streets of Lumiose City. The whole game freezes, and can only be disrupted by shutting off the 3DS.

See video of the game freezing here.

Pokemon X and Y was released on Saturday to droves of gamers that have been waiting for what is being heralded as the best Pokemon game ever made.

It was the first game in the series that will be released simultaneously around the globe.

"Until now, the pattern has been to release games overseas a few months after the games have come out in Japan," said Pokemon's Tsunekazu Ishihara in an interview with Weekly Famitsu.

The game is always released first in Japan, and then comes over to the states and the rest of the world later. Now, with the world wide release, Nintendo feels everyone will appreciate the level playing field, and no one will be left behind.

"By releasing [Pokemon X and Y] simultaneously and allowing players around the world to enjoy the game on an equal stage, even I can't fully anticipate the outcome, and I'm looking forward to seeing the results," Ishihara continued. "I believe that Pokemon has always been 'a tool to connect people,' so it's interesting to see how playing the game evolves in areas – including the release timing – and how word spreads through the media comparatively."