Pokemon X and Y Tool Editor and Battle Analyzer Cheat Ruin Battle Competition as Game Purist Fight Back with Counter-Cheat

A tool to edit Pokemon X and Y files has surfaced online, and now more gamers are opting to take the easy route of cheating to create elite Pokemon in battles and scout their opponent's roster without them knowing.

The basic editor, released by a gamer known as codemonkey85 on GBAtemp, allows users to edit Pokemon information such as IVs, EVs, experience, level, and Pokedex ID. Messing around with the stats allows users to raise the level of their Pokemon faster, make them stronger, and even allows the popular method of using Instacheck to find Shiny Pokemon easier by being able to change all the numbers necessary.

This is what the editor looks like.

According to 3DS Daily, this data can then be intercepted from the PC to the 3DS, and the edited Pokemon can be placed in the game.

There is another cheat going on in X and Y that enables the cheater to intercept their opponent's data using a "Battle Analyzer."

According to a NeoGAF forum user, the cheat works by using a PC as a hotspot to scan an opponent's entire team of Pokemon and even show the moves they frequently use in battle.

See what the "Battle Analyzer" looks like here.

Having this function is a significant advantage and takes all of the strategy out of the game as the person using it will know everything about their opponent. "The program doesn't work with 100% accuracy yet. [However] It is accurate enough to give you an advantage most of the time," said Bulbagarden Forums user Clash King Dan.

IBTimes reports that gamers are working on a counter measure to fight against cheaters within the game as their pleas to the game's creator GameFreak have gone unnoticed. However, GameFreak did cancel rated tournament battles until further notice.

"Fortunately, Kazo has developed a working prototype for a counter-program that renders the cheat program ineffective, which works by sending false team and move information to the opponent. The games are able to distinguish the real data and ignore the fake data, but the cheat program cannot," wrote NEOGAF forum user OmegaDonut. "This is where the community steps in. For the cheat jammer to be most effective, it needs to be able to send realistic-looking movesets, and have enough variation so that opponents can't be sure of which moveset you're running. Also, the jammer will randomly modify some of the spreads and IVs as to not look too uniform."

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