Police Chief Pot Cake: Ohio Police Chief Hospitalized After Accidentally Eating Pot-Laced Cake

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REUTERS/Enrique MarcarianA cannabis sativa plant is seen in this file photo.

A police chief has accidentally eaten a pot cake that was left in his kitchen.

Laurelville Chief Mike Berkemeier from Ohio has admitted that he fell ill after the mistake in an incident that took place a couple of weeks ago.

He reportedly ate the cake, which was laced with cannabis oil, and then fell ill, although he has said that he could not figure out what was wrong or what had sparked his sickness.

He felt so bad that he quickly drove to a police station a few blocks away and requested emergency medical attention. He was rushed by medics in for medical testing to find out what had happened.

The Logan Daily News has reported that Berkemeier was hospitalized for more than a day and was extremely sick in the immediate aftermath of eating the cake.

However, when he was at the hospital, the police chief's daughter telephoned to report that the cake had been laced with an oil form of the psychoactive chemical component that causes a high from marijuana.

Berkemeier has since reported to WBNS-TV that it was in fact one of his daughter's friends who brought the cake to his home, which is about 35 miles southeast of Columbus.