Police Hunting for 'Wolfman' in UK Woods

British police are on the hunt for Wales, U.K. "wolfman" Wayne Morgan, who has been living in the forest for 5 years.

Morgan, 37, has survived thus far by hunting rabbits, foraging for plants and berries, and carrying out petty theft. However, police fear that Morgan, known by locals as the "wolfman," might freeze to death in the cold weather as the region is facing record low temperatures.

"Wolfman" disappeared into the Pantyffynon Woods near Ammanford, West Wales in 2007 and has not been seen for over a year. He also has not been in contact with the outside world since he vanished into the woods and police fear that he could have perished in the cold.

Morgan is unmarried with no children and is an ex-serviceman trained in survival skills. He has been blamed for a series of petty thefts including stealing food from supermarket bins and collecting milk from doorsteps.

Police have been searching for Morgan for quite some time. Last month police searched the dense wooded area with dogs trained to detect human remains but have yet to come up with any indication of whether the "wolfman" is alive or dead.

Late Wednesday local police issued a photo of Morgan along with a plea for assistance in finding the 37-year-old wanderer.

"We have been aware of a man known locally as 'wolfman' living in the woods for a number of years," Sergeant Theresa Ross of the Dyfed Powys Police said in a statement.

"There are concerns about this welfare. Anyone who may have seen him should let us know when any sightings took place. He lives off the land – but he may be hungry and on the lookout for food."

Police have located abandoned hideouts where the "wolfman" possibly stayed and also found evidence of small fires, but have yet to discover any clue as to where Morgan might be.