Police Storm Oregon Hotel, Arrest Michael Boysen for Murdering Grandparents

Police raided a hotel in Oregon and captured Michael Boysen, who was wanted for the killing of his grandparents in Washington. The arrest came five days after Boysen was released from prison on other charges and the bodies of his grandparents were found on Saturday.

Officials surrounded the Oregon hotel and engaged in an 8-hour standoff with Boysen before finally taking him into custody. A motel clerk recognized Boysen and contacted authorities, who quickly responded and began trying to negotiate Boysen's safety while being taken into custody.

Authorities were fearful that he was planning a revenge spree against people in "positions of authority" after being released from the Monroe Correctional Facility, Reuters reported. It's unknown what led them to that particular belief, but after the bodies of his grandparents were found on Saturday, police issued a warrant for his arrest.

Police finally had to storm the hotel room where Boysen was holed up; they reportedly used a water cannon to blow out all of the windows and removed the door from its hinges before entering. Once police were inside, Boysen was easily apprehended.

"He had injured himself, so he put up no resistance," Police Chief Keith Kilian told Reuters. It's unclear whether Boysen injured himself in a suicide attempt or whether he was injured in another way.

No one else was hurt in the raid, either. Police managed to evacuate the hotel and set up a perimeter to ensure everyone's safety. No officers were hurt, much to the relief of everyone involved.

Boysen has been in jail six separate times and is deemed an "extreme danger" to the public and law officials, CBS News reported. Police found evidence of a weapons stockpile, leading them to believe he was planning a full-scale attack.

Boysen struggled with addiction to prescription drugs, friends and family told CBS. His last arrest was for stealing from local pharmacies in order to feed his habit.