Political Correctness Is A Symptom of Something Far Worse: Spiritual Psychosis

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You may think that not correctly labelling the San Bernardino massacre as "Islamic terrorism" is simply wrong-headed in the name of political correctness.

Something far worse is going on here. A fog has set in. We now live in a day of spiritual psychosis.

Psychosis "indicates impaired contact with reality." Spiritual psychosis is even worse. It involves spiritual dynamics that literally blind a person from seeing something the way it would normally be seen. This helps to explain why certain illogical and dangerous ideas are being embraced by a significant number of Americans. At critical times, their minds seem to be in a "zombie-like" state of indifference, if not complete confusion.

For example, most of our grandparents would never have dreamed of a day when adults would choose to change the gender of their 5-year-old son or daughter. But it's actually happening today, and it's a tragic result of spiritual psychosis.

A similar thing happened with the stampede to legitimize gay marriage. Such postmodern unions are not rooted in truth or in thousands of years of marriage throughout human history, but rather, in emotions and desires. The fact that a particular sexual desire feels right to a person does not mean it is connected to the truth. It is merely connected to "his truth."

When truth is thought to be relative, everyone does what is right in his own eyes.

Same-sex attraction is actually a minor occurrence in comparison to the number of people who flirt with adultery, and even give into its empty promises. Obviously, the realm of human sexuality is especially vulnerable to spiritual psychosis and irrational behavior. It's a risky place where "wrong" gradually starts to feel "right," especially after you take a bite of some forbidden fruit. Feelings then begin to overwhelm one's allegiance to truth and fidelity.

The soul is fully capable of embracing outrageous lies. And it is in this spiritual realm where evil spirits whisper "a new normal" and work to instill it as mainstream in a person's thinking. When enough people come under the spell, an entire culture begins to fall prey to an ideology that is not rooted in the truth.

And when "officials" begin preaching these new ideas based on politically correct opinions, it only deepens the disorientation of some citizens and leads them away from safely walking in the truth. Officials in government, education, Hollywood and the media are largely responsible for promoting ideas that have no basis in truth, but are nevertheless advanced as the only way to be "fair" and "tolerant" of others.

No wonder the teaching of the Bible is dismissed by so many in America today. Scripture nevertheless makes it clear that sex is to be reserved for man and woman in marriage, in spite of what the entertainment industry and the education establishment preach on the topic.

You still get to choose who to believe nowadays, but the fog of "political correctness" really messes with your mind when you allow it to dictate your worldview.

When a person is paranoid about labeling a terrorist attack as "terrorism," it is proof that he has come under a spell and is suffering from spiritual psychosis. Families were devastated and innocent lives were lost in San Bernardino at the hands of an evil woman and her vicious husband. Rather than responding appropriately, a person suffering from spiritual psychosis becomes obsessed with protecting the religious reputation of the perpetrators. It doesn't make sense to do so, unless of course you are under the spell and don't see the terrorist attack in a normal light.

Since we are all sinners, we all suffer from bouts of spiritual psychosis. We all have blind spots at times, and aspects of our thinking that are not under the influence of truth. Since God is the author of truth, we must look to Him if we are going to walk in it.

Our grandparents were often inclined to label "sinful acts" as such. But not today. Those who have fought in recent decades to normalize homosexual behavior have been at the forefront of this cultural shift. As a result, a spiritual fog has engulfed our nation. My intent is not to criticize or judge the 2-3% of our citizens who experience same-sex attraction, but merely to point out that this shift in thinking conveniently proclaims that "abnormal" sexual desires are now all of a sudden "normal" and acceptable desires.

When sexuality becomes "radicalized," it shakes loose the foundations of "right" and "wrong" in a person's mind, and ultimately in a nation.

In 1973, the American Psychiatric Association dropped homosexuality as a "disorder." They stated that homosexuality is no longer abnormal, but is now "a normal form of sexual life." And the rest is history. When "abnormal" gets redefined as "normal," all bets are off, and vulnerable minds and bodies are left exposed to the new definition of "right," regardless of whether or not the new definition is rooted in the truth.

A "normal" response to terrorism is what one would expect to hear from most Americans today. But a growing number of people in our nation are under a spell. It's similar to the spell parents are under when they change their child's gender. Throughout the history of our nation, such tampering would have correctly been labeled as child abuse. But not today. These parents and a number of their peers sincerely believe this decision is a tolerant and helpful way to raise their transgender "son" or "daughter."

Anytime you are dealing with an issue where "right" is no longer right, and "wrong" is no longer wrong, you should ask yourself: Does this loose and newfangled approach stem from spiritual psychosis? Are people becoming delusional on this issue? And has the new idea become so ingrained in the culture that people are afraid to even question the new way of thinking for fear of being labeled "intolerant" and unloving?

Obviously, we need a spiritual revival in our nation, and we need to remember what made us free.

America was built on a foundation of freedom. It produced sane minds and sound principles, which were based on the firm belief that our "Creator" has endowed us "with certain unalienable Rights." And our history has been one of compassion for all people, regardless of their religion or their particular temptations and struggles. Our freedom in America is not a license to judge others, but rather, a call to assist others on the journey.

Patrick Henry said, "It cannot be emphasized too strongly or too often that this great nation was founded not by religionists, but by Christians; not on religion, but on the Gospel of Jesus Christ."

And as we compare the freedom in America to the religious oppression and the treatment of women in various nations of the world today, it is obvious that Jesus is the author of freedom, while man is the author of spiritual psychosis and cruelty.

Our liberties and freedom are at risk today largely because of a spell that has fallen upon our nation. Moral relativism was unleashed in America during the sexual revolution of the 60s, and its fruit extends far beyond the pain of sexually transmitted diseases. Spiritual psychosis invades all areas of man's thinking, including his proclivity to spin obvious acts of terrorism and to downplay the serious threat in our midst.

Something is going on here. And it definitely has a cryptic spiritual component to it.

Dan Delzell is the pastor of Wellspring Lutheran Church in Papillion, Neb. He is a regular contributor to The Christian Post.