Poll: African-Americans Most Likely to Pray Before Bedtime

African-Americans are more likely to report praying or doing another religious activity prior to bedtime every night or almost every night than other major ethnic groups in America, according to the first national poll examining sleep among the country's four most populous ethnic groups.

In its "Sleep in America" poll, the National Sleep Foundation found 71 percent of African Americans saying that they prayed or engaged in another religious activity in the hour before going to bed every night or almost every night.

In contrast, 45 percent of Hispanics, 32 percent of Whites, and 18 of Asians reported the same.

For the poll, made public Monday, a random sample of 1,007 adults between the ages of 25-60 was surveyed by WB&A Market Research on behalf of the National Sleep Foundation. The four ethnic groups were each represented by 250 to 255 interview respondents.

Other activities (aside from prayer or religious practice) that were most common among all four groups were TV watching, being on the computer or internet, completing household chores, reading, and doing activities with friends or family.

By far the most popular activity was TV watching.

Less popular (from less to least) was listening to the radio or music, working on job-related tasks, exercising, engaging in sex, and drinking an alcoholic beverage.