Pop-Tarts New Flavors: Chocolate Peanut Butter

The Kellogg company has just announced that it will introduce two new Pop-Tart flavors.

Peanut butter fans be wary- Pop-Tarts have officially "gone nutty." The company introduced two new flavors to its line up this week, both of which include a peanut butter filling.

The first new Pop-Tart contains a peanut butter flavored crust, filled with a "real, creamy peanut butter filling" and sprinkled with sugar. Pop-Tart's calls the new creation the "perfect toaster pastry for peanut butter lovers." But sometimes, peanut butter is not enough.

If a peanut butter filled Pop-Tart doesn't sound like the complete package, a second new flavor has been introduced that contains not only peanut butter, but chocolate as well. The second flavor is made with a chocolate crust, filled with peanut butter, and topped with chocolate frosting. The new Pop-Tart is "a perfect start to your day," the company suggests.

And then comes the wary part. Pop-Tarts are usually packaged two per sleeve. Consuming two of the new Chocolate Peanut Butter Pop-Tarts will set you back 400 calories and 10 grams of fat. They also contain 19 grams of sugar. Put into perspective, it could be wiser to order breakfast off of a fast food menu than to eat a pack of Pop-Tarts.

An Egg McMuffin at Mc Donald's with egg, Canadian bacon, and cheese will set you back 300 calories. It contains 12 grams of fat but only three grams of sugar and contains more nutritional value than can be found in a Pop-Tart.

Pop-Tart advertises that they contain six "vitamins and minerals" but those vitamins have been added and are not naturally occurring. And while the new flavors may contain peanut butter, they only have two grams of protein. The Egg McMuffin has 18 grams of protein, meaning that you will be filled for a longer amount of time.

(PHOTO:Facebook/Pop-Tarts)Kellogg's introduces new Pop-Tart flavors.