Pope Francis Embraces Disfigured Man, Photo Goes Viral and Inspires Followers Around the World

Pope Francis continues to inspire millions around the world will his selfless message of love and caring for the poor, weak and sick.

In yet another example of his dedication to Jesus' love Pope Francis embraced a disfigured man during the end of Wednesday's general audience address in St Peter's Square in Rome by embracing a man covered in tumors and praying with him.

Photos of the pontiff embracing the severely disfigured man have gone viral online, with comments praising the pope for his compassion and kindness.

To see the photo, click here.

Images of Pope Francis comforting the ailing worshiper were taken when a man covered in neuronal tumors approached the leader of the Catholic Church and asked him for a blessing.

The man reportedly suffers from a rare and painful disease called neurofibromatosis, which causes growths, impaired vision and in some cases cancer, according to the Catholic News Agency.

The touching images quickly drew praise from around the internet with people appreciating the example he is putting forth.

"I'm not religious at all or any form but Pope Francis is doing some great things for the poor and less fortunate," tweeted user @RvtchetBranBran wrote.

"I freaking love this Pope. He is a phenomenal picture of Christ. Thank you @Pontifex!" wrote user ‏@jeffwetherell.

"What a breath of fresh air for the Church: Pope Francis embraces disfigured man in St. Peter's Square," tweeted @billcap.

In Italian press, the pope has drawn comparisons to his illustrious namesake, St Francis of Assisi - a revered 13th century holy figure, who according to legend kissed a leper he had encountered on a road after receiving a message from God.