Pope Francis Gets Teary With Sad Serenade of 'Ave Maria' by Sick Child in Mexico (Video)

(Photo: Screengrab/YouTube/Euronews)Pope Francis listens with others to a girl sing "Ave Maria" at a hospital in Mexico.

While making his official trip to Mexico, Pope Francis paid a visit to the Federico Gómez children hospital.

One of them, bald from her battle with a serious illness, exchanged pleasant words with the head of the Roman Catholic Church before giving all in the audience a beautifully sad rendition of "Ave Maria."

Identified by the National Catholic Reporter and others as Alexia Garduno Aladro, the girl brought many in the room to tears with her pitch perfect singing.

You know it's a powerful performance when a crowded noisy room like that wing of the hospital fell silent.

Want to hear how powerful an eternally magnificent song can be? Then check out this amazing and heart wrenching video.

Sick girl sings "Ave Maria" for the Pope, childrens hospital Mexico.