Popular Youth Evangelist Matt Pitt Reclaims Original Member of Ministry in Jail; Says God May Release Him Any Day Now (Audio)

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(Photo: Facebook/Matt Pitt)Youth evangelist and founder of The Basement, Matt Pitt, 30.

In a call from jail to his Alabama-based ministry, The Basement, on Tuesday, popular youth evangelist Matt Pitt revealed how he was able to reclaim a fallen original member of his ministry in jail and described his recent incarceration as God's last challenge.

Pitt, 30, founder of one of America's largest Christian youth ministries, had his probation for a controversial 2012 crime of impersonating an officer of the law revoked by an Alabama judge last Tuesday and was sentenced to spend the next 10 months in jail.

"Y'all be praying for me man. I'm here with a bunch of hard knocks... This is God's last challenge to me to see if I can do what I'm called to do. If I can save all these guys ain't gonna be nothing stopping us from saving the whole world," Pitt said in a recording of the call provided to The Christian Post by Blake Bolden of Pitt's Whosoever Ministries.

Before making that statement, however, Pitt allowed the reclaimed member of his ministry identified as"'G-Roc" to testify about their meeting which the man described as "divine intervention."

"It was 2006. I'm running for my life. Running from everybody that I've got around me. I'm strung out on this and that and I don't know what I'm doing. I'm at a hotel with nothing. Nobody," began G-Roc.

"Matt Pitt and an acquaintance of mine named Daniel shows up at my door and says come with me. I don't know what to do but all I know is something pulling at my heart pulling me to go. So we go and Matt takes me to his mom and dad's house. I eat there I'm chillin' with these people that are showing me so much love," he continued.

G-Roc then begins to share what happened to him in the genesis of what would eventually become popularly known as The Basement.

"We go downstairs into a basement.There's about 10 or 12 guys. And these guys get over me and we pray and the electricity of the Holy Spirit runs through me. And I don't know what it was, but everything within me went out and God just ran through my veins, man it was unreal," said G-Roc.

But he never stayed after that and fell off the path to sobriety.

"I stealed (sic) and I strayed and went back to my old ways," he confessed.

When he saw Pitt in jail recently, however, he said he knew God was talking to him.

(Photo: Facebook/Matt Pitt)

"I come back in this jail and a month ago, six weeks ago I see Matt come in and I said this is intervention, divine intervention. I know this was God putting me back in Matt's life, Matt back in my life," he said.

"I'm telling you man, God is working right now. I know that he's got a life for me to live. He's got a path made out for me. And it was set in stone in 2006 when Matt Pitt took me out of this dope hotel. It was set in stone then. We both went our separate ways and here we are again. If I ignore this. I'd be a fool. I'd be a dumb fool if I ignore this again," he said.

Leonardo Blair via Whosoever Ministries

Pitt then explained that he was still working with his lawyer on an appeal.

"I'm getting to see my lawyer and we never know where this thing will go from there. We're waiting to see what's going to happen on the fight of this thing and so it could be any day. It could be any day that God gets me outta here. It's all his time now," he said.

"We are now appealing his case to a federal court because we still believe that was is being done to him is wrong. We basically have 40 days to file the appeal and are trying to get his court date on the actual charge moved up from December," Bolden told CP after sharing the call.

"The ministry and our services are still going as usual and we are seeing more of our supporters and the community come together in support of Matt over this. We have had pastors literally worldwide call in or send in videos of their support and the impact Matt and The Basement ministry has had on the outreaches they do," he added.

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