Porsha Stewart Admits Living With Kordell is 'Awkward' (VIDEO)

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(PHOTO) Instagram: @porshadstewartPorsha Stewart poses at Bravo TV studios in Manhattan, NY

Porsha Stewart left fans scratching their heads when she revealed that she is still living with her estranged husband Kordell, and the reality TV star has admitted that the situation is "awkward."

On March 22 Kordell, 40, abruptly filed for divorce after over one year of marriage and Stewart, 31, claims she learned about it on social networking site Twitter. Despite their ongoing divorce battle Stewart has decided to remain in the pair's Atlanta home for the time being which she acknowledged is strange.

"It's awkward, of course. You pass by each other, and it's a little awkward and uncomfortable. But the process has just begun, and I'll get out of this phase pretty soon," Stewart told HollywoodLife.com.

After learning about her own divorce on Twitter the "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star confronted Kordell, who was allegedly at home in the very next room at the time.

"It wasn't a conversation. It was very calm— it was me simply asking my husband if he had filed. He said he had thought about it and said 'we'll talk about it later' and went to work. He said call my attorney and find out," Stewart said in an interview on "Good Morning America."

"At the end of the day it was a betrayal that I suffered from and that's something I'm gonna have to move on with," she explained adding "but at least I know I put in my best."

(PHOTO) Twitter: @PorshaDStewartKordell and Porsha Stewart

Kordell, who is a former NFL player, is yet to explain why he filed for divorce. He is reportedly refusing to pay Stewart alimony.

"[She's] an able-bodied person, earning income and is capable of supporting herself," Kordell reportedly told TMZ.

Stewart reportedly holds a different view and her attorney, Randall Kessler, is not only seeking alimony but he is asking that his client have exclusive use of the family's Atlanta home.

Kessler, who represented fellow "housewife" NeNe Leakes, holds the view that Stewart's marriage to Kordell set her back professionally. He claims that his client quit her job for two years while the couple was married and that she also sold her businesses in order to help raise Kordell's son Syre from a previous relationship. Kordell and Porsha do not have any children together.

Stewart previously expressed that she is "disappointed" with Kordell's divorce filing. The reality TV star claims she was blindsided by the divorce.

"[My Life's] been turned upside down. At the reunion [filmed shortly before Kordell filed for divorce], I was a wife defending my husband, as any wife would. And now, we're on totally separate sides of things," Stewart said.