Porsha Stewart Divorce: 'It Was Absolutely a Surprise' to Hear About Kordell Stewart Divorce (VIDEO)

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(PHOTO) Twitter: @PorshaDStewartKordell and Porsha Stewart

Porsha Stewart's divorce from Kordell Stewart has left the star stunned, and she recently opened up about her split with TV host Andy Cohen.

Stewart has admitted that she was left completely surprised to find out that her husband had filed for divorce from her, saying that he didn't say anything to her, and that she found out through social media site Twitter.

Porsha told Cohen: "When I found out about the divorce, it was absolutely a surprise. I was laying in the bed and I tweeted, 'today is the first day of the rest of your life.'

"I put the phone down and took a little nap and I looked back at my phone and my sister was calling me over and over. She said, 'have you heard?' and I'm like 'heard what?'"

The reality TV star didn't really believe the news when she first heard it, and admits that when she saw tweets about a divorce she thought it was just people playing a bad joke on her.

She explained that she simply went into the other room in her residence to find Kordell and joked to him, "Hey, are we getting divorced?"

It was apparently no joke, and the news left Porsha stunned.

At the moment they are living under the same roof still, and their relationship appears to be strained to the max.

Porsha said: "It's a difficult, difficult situation right now. It's something I did not want at all … I didn't say we speak and I didn't say I'm cookin'. Ain't no eggs and bacon and ham hocks no mo'."

Here's a video of Porsha Stewart talking to Andy Cohen about her sudden divorce on his show Watch What Happens Live: