Porsha Stewart Learned About Kordell Divorce on Twitter: 'It Was Betrayal' (VIDEO)

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(PHOTO) Instagram: @porshadstewartPorsha Stewart poses at Bravo TV studios in Manhattan, NY

Porsha Stewart opened up about her ongoing divorce from her estranged husband Kordell, and the reality TV star revealed that she learned about the preceedings on Twitter.

In a candid interview with Bravo TV host Andy Cohen, the 31-year-old "Real Housewives" star reflected on the day that she discovered her husband of over one year had filed for divorce. The pair does not share any children.

"I was totally blindsided. At the [Real Housewives] reunion I did feel some type of way because I did want my husband there with me, but I was standing strong representing for my family. I was a wife, that's my title and that's what I took on and had ownership of," Stewart said regarding why she defended Kordell at the season five reunion.

"[The divorce]" was absolutely a surprise. I was laying in the bed and I tweeted 'today is the first day of the rest of your life' and I put the phone down and took another nap. I looked back at my phone and my sister was calling me over and over and she said 'have you heard' and I said 'heard what?'" she said. "I said 'let me go back to Twitter' ... the first thing I see is 'Kordell Divorcing Porsha.'"

On March 22, the former NFL star abruptly filed for divorce and the proceedings are said to be ongoing. Stewart, who is a granddaughter of civil rights leader Hosea Williams, is still living with Kordell, 40, in the couple's Atlanta mansion.

After learning about her own divorce on Twitter, Stewart claims she confronted her husband about the heartbreaking news. After an emotional discussion they agreed to part ways despite still living together.

"At the end of the day it was a betrayal that I suffered from and that's something I'm gonna have to move on with," Stewart told Cohen, "but at least I know I put in my best."