Porsha Stewart Neglecting Kordell's Son Post Divorce?

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(PHOTO) Twitter: @PorshaDStewartKordell and Porsha Stewart

Porsha Stewart has been accused of neglecting her 9-year-old stepson and calling the police on her estranged husband Kordell, according to court documents.

In recent weeks Porsha, 31, reportedly filed a motion claiming Kordell, 40, had locked her out of the family home after filing for divorce and that he allegedly also brought another woman to the home. In his response, Kordell denied the claims, according to TMZ.com.

The former NFL star claims that since he filed for divorce on March 22, Porsha has frequently left the home for several days straight. Kordell alleges that at times, the "Real Housewives of Atlanta" star returns to their Atlanta mansion between the hours of 2:00 AM and 4:00 AM smelling like alcohol.

The reality TV star is accused of calling the police twice to let her into the family home after Kordell reportedly locked her out, but he claimed that this is untrue, pointing out that she has a key to the home. While he admitted to locking the home, he insisted that it is only for security purposes.

The divorce battle is likely to become nasty following claims made by Porsha that Kordell, whose son Syre is from a previous relationship, blindsided her when he abruptly ended their almost 2-year marriage. Kordell is also refusing to pay Porsha spousal support.

"[She's] an able-bodied person, earning income and is capable of supporting herself," Kordell reportedly told TMZ.

Porsha, who joined the "Real Housewives" in season five, appears to have a different view. The reality TV star and former video model star has not only requested spousal support but her attorney, Randall Kessler, has reportedly requested that his client have exclusive use of the family's Atlanta home.

Kessler, who represented fellow "housewife" NeNe Leakes during her divorce from Gregg, holds the view that Porsha's marriage to Kordell set her back professionally.

He claims that his client quit her job for two years while the couple was married and that she also sold her businesses in order to help raise Syre. Porsha and Kordell do not have any children together.

It is still unclear why exactly Kordell pulled the plug on their short marriage, but the pair was often seen arguing on the "Real Housewives." Raising a child was almost always at the root of their arguments.

Porsha, who is a granddaughter of civil rights leader Hosea Williams, wanted to become a mother and also have a career, but Kordell often pressured her to choose one or the other.