Porsha Stewart Talks Strained Christian Faith Amid Marriage Woes

Porsha Stewart is opening up about how her Christian faith has helped her overcome the divorce that she is currently undergoing and how her spiritual beliefs play factor in her future dating life.

Stewart, "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" star learned on Twitter that her estranged former NFL playing husband Kordell Stewart was divorcing her last March. Months after the news first broke, the 32-year-old reality television star has a new outlook on love.

She recently spoke about what qualities she is seeking in her next potential love interest, making sure that his faith was a factor.

"I would love someone who is God-fearing. If he is God-fearing then it means he is disciplined and he's not living his life by his own say-so," Stewart told Vibe Vixen recently. "He's submissive to a higher power."

While Stewart said she was unsure about Kordell's specific relationship with God, she called him "spiritual" and admitted that she was not in the best place with God towards the end of their marriage.

"I just know that I had moved too far from God towards the end of my marriage and I felt like once it ended I needed to get back to that place and once I got back to that place it came right back," she revealed to Vibe Vixen. "I got my joy back and that's one thing that nobody can take from me."

While Stewart said she build a strong foundation in her faith right before getting married at 25-years-old, she admitted that her divorce took a toll on her faith which has since improved.

"I was very spiritual and very much into the church and for me I was just lost after the divorce," Stewart said. "I hadn't really been going to church that much."

Still, Stewart has faith that she will indeed marry again one day.

"I believe it can happen because I'm blessed and I'm highly favored so all I need to do at this moment in time is get myself in a position where I feel complete, and then I'll meet someone who can complement me," she told Vibe Vixen. "It may not be what everyone else thinks it needs to be, but I'll find him."

Stewart previously advised people to listen to God when approaching marriage and relationships.

"A lot of people get married and don't know what their purpose is," Stewart told S2S Magazine. "Because a lot of people don't know how to be still, stop their thoughts, stop their wants, and try to listen to hear what God wants them to do, and once He tells you what He wants for your life, you have to trust that and move on it."