Porsha Stewart's Mother Says Kordell Stewart Was 'Wrong One' for Real Housewives of Atlanta Star

Porsha Stewart's mother Diane is confident that former NFL star Kordell Stewart was not the right man for her daughter.

Stewart, "The Real Housewives of Atlanta" reality television star, learned through Twitter that her estranged former NFL playing husband Kordell was divorcing her last March. While Stewart spend much of season five of her showcasing her marriage, season six will show viewers how she is getting through a difficult divorce.

In an episode of the Bravo Network show, Stewart's mother Diane reassures her daughter that she did not do anything wrong in an emotional exchange.

"I went through it. I never wanted my daughter to have to go through this," Diane tells her daughter on the show. "You didn't do anything wrong… he just was just the wrong damn one."

Stewart was raised by a single mother and spoke about what she would have done if left to raise child as a single woman after trying to convince her estranged husband to have children with her during season five of her show .

"I think that the position of being a single mother is admirable. I think that's a very strong role to play," she said in the October issue of Sister 2 Sister magazine. "If I found myself in that situation, I'm sure God would pull me through that, just like everything else."

The reality television star, who is looking to expand her brand to singing, acting, and hair extensions, was herself the product of a single parent household.

"It's nothing to play with at all. It's real cute when you're pregnant and you got the belly and everybody's telling you it's so wonderful, but it's no plaything, raising a child," she told S2S magazine. "There's no way in the world I could be as strong as I am, even right now in my situation, if it wasn't for me having a mother who was a single mom and had the type of strength that she displayed while she raised me."