Porsha Williams, Syleena Johnson React to Reports of Stolen Song

(PHOTO): RHOA Facebook Fan PageReal Housewives of Atlanta cast

Porsha Williams' camp is defending reports that she stole a song from her fellow singer Syleena Johnson.

Williams, the "Real Housewives of Atlanta" television personality sang the song "Perfectly Worthless" while on her Bravo T.V. show. While Williams was captured recording the song in the studio the producer who created the track for Johnson spoke out about it.

"In the business more than one artist will record the same song hoping for the right outcome, as was the case with Perfectly Worthless. Porsha Stewart wanted a song, Pierre Medor wrote and produced this song in its entirety," producer Pierre Medor's representative told the YBF. "Not having any previous point of reference for Porsha, we initially recorded the song for the purpose of determining her vocal abilities and how they would fit with this particular song; it was quickly determined that this song wasn't the best match for her, so we chose not to sell her the song and notified her management of our decision."

However, Williams' people are defending the budding singer's decision to feature a snippet of the record on the Bravo T.V. show.

"Both parties signed a release with the show to tape a scene using the song. There was no contract between [the] producer and Porsha and there has been no continued promotion or discussion of the song by Porsha and the aforementioned producer," Williams representatives said in a statement obtained by Sister 2 Sister magazine. "This is an obvious and desperate attempt at riding Porsha's PR coattails. It is obvious that this producer full knowingly used Porsha and the Housewives platform for self-promotion and in his latest slanderous attack is still continuing to do so."

While Williams' representatives insisted there was no lawsuit filed, "R&B Divas: Atlanta" star Johnson does not seem deterred by the issue between Williams and Medor. In fact, she still plans to use Medor's song on her upcoming album.

"I was surprised to hear the song on her show. I am/was confused maybe, but not really anything else," she told thejasminebrand.com. "I am not concerned about the momentum because it is a great song. Great songs will break through. The people will make the call."

Johnson does not seem to have any ill feelings toward williams saying, "No I haven't spoken to Porsha, but I'm sure she's a nice person. I don't think she had me in mind when she decided to drop this as her single…I hope."