Possessed Woman Slashed Baby's Throat, Bloodied Infant Survived

A possessed Missouri woman was found in the woods, clutching her blood-covered baby, after slitting her throat.

Bradie Simpson, 39, allegedly slashed her 9-month-old baby's throat, months after telling a pastor that she was possessed and might hurt her baby, according to the Daily Mail.

The baby survived the attack and is in critical condition.

Simpson is being charged with first degree assault and armed criminal action. She also had an injury to her own throat and is expected to recover. Police found heroine in Simpson's home, after conducting a search.

Last Friday, Simpson's 19-year-old son called police to alert them that his mother and sister were missing; he also found a bloody knife in a bedroom. Officers found Simpson and her baby covered in blood after searching several acres of woods for several hours.

Camden County Sheriff Dwight Franklin compared what he saw to the 1976 horror film, "Carrie."

"If you remember in the movie 'Carrie,' the blood that was all over the baby - it was scary," Franklin said. "They initially thought the baby was dead."

Franklin said that a deputy immediately grabbed the baby and applied pressure to her wound. He then covered her up and ran to an ambulance with her.

Police say it was a miracle that the baby survived, after believing she was dead when they arrived. She underwent emergency surgery and is now in protective custody.

Simpson allegedly took her baby to Rev. AuBuchon of First Baptist Church of Camdenton, saying that she was possessed and could possibly hurt her baby, according to KY3 News.

"She had more or less just tossed her baby into my arms," AuBuchon said.

He added that she asked him to tie her up, screaming "Possession!" She also hit her chest, telling the reverend that she was demon possessed before writing him a note that said, "do not let me harm my baby."

Aubuchon prayed with Simpson before she snatched her baby and tried to flee the church. Police were called and the baby left the church with child services, but was later returned to Simpson. Rev. Aubuchon said he was called to testify in court about the events that night, but was told the case had been settled.