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Prayer Requested for Rapper Who Lost Infant Son

Prayer Requested for Rapper Who Lost Infant Son

Reach Records and His Voice Global ministry are asking Christians to pray for and support Tedashii, a Christian hip-hop artist whose 1-year-old son passed away last month.

His Voice, a ministry that helps "equip the downtrodden" and trains church leaders internationally, is trying to gather enough money to financially support Tedashii and his family for six months so they have time to grieve together.

"As you know, Tedashii's job takes him from city to city where he performs and blesses thousands of people with his art," a blog post on the ministry's website states. "In this time, we want to offer him the opportunity to stay home with his family, grieve, begin to heal, seek the Lord, be comforted and to comfort.

"The perception is that if one is a traveling musician, they have more money than they know what to do with. The fact is, that is just not true. We want to bless him with the gift of not having to worry about being on the road to make ends meet."

Tedashii once traveled to a His Voice orphanage in Sudan, and when he returned, he and several other recording artists collaborated on a song and music video to help spread the word about the people in need there.

His Voice reported Tuesday that it needed only $1,000 more to support the rapper's family for a full six months. In addition to their donations, supporters of Tedashii have also been offering their condolences by posting messages on the Reach Records website.

"Tedashii man I'm so sorry for your loss! Take time brother and grieve. You have changed lives Tedashii including mine. Through your music God saved my LIFE! Many prayers coming your way TDOT. Thank you to Reach Records for making us able to help contribute to their family!" wrote Vincen Franco.

"We have gone through this in our family and I know how hard it is. God will be glorified. We are praying for you and your family," wrote David.

Tedashii "TDot" Anderson wanted to work as a minister to college students before he became a hip-hop artist. He became a Christian while in college, and was challenged by fellow believers to use his talent as a rapper to glorify God.

Since that time he has released three albums – Kingdom People, Blacklight and Identity Crisis – and has collaborated with other Christian artists, such as Grammy Award-winning rapper Lecrae.


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