'Preachers' Daughters' Exclusive Preview: Taylor Double Dates With Parents (VIDEO)

"Preachers' Daughters" will tackle the issue of dating when Taylor Coleman's love interest is forced to double date with her parents on the latest episode of Lifetime network's newest docu-drama.

Taylor, the 18-year-old daughter of Pastor Ken Coleman of City of Refuge Pentecostal Church in Joliet, Ill., lied to her parents in the second episode of "Preachers' Daughters." Instead of spending time at her girlfriend's house, Taylor's parents found out that she attended a hotel party with boys present.

However, the preacher's daughter convinced her parents to give her another chance to be open and honest with them about her love life. The act of faith on her parent's behalf resulted in the young man courting Taylor having to go out with the pastor's daughter while being grilled by her parents.

"Do you have any children," Pastor Coleman questioned the young man courting his daughter in the upcoming episode of "Preachers' Daughters."

While the young man said he did not, Taylor's mother Marie Coleman did not seem so sure.

"Is that a definite no or no that you know of?" Marie Coleman asked.

Although Taylor's parents seemed amused by their grilling of the young man, things got more serious when the topic of church came up. When Mrs. Coleman questioned Taylor's date about his attendance at church, he admitted that he does not attend regularly.

"Here and there," the young man replied sheepishly.

Pastor Coleman let it be known that church attendance was a necessity when it came to dating his daughter.

"That's important if you're gonna try to holler at Taylor," Pastor Coleman told the young man. "You gotta be in church."

Although Taylor remained relatively quiet while her parents grilled her possible love interest, she balked when they began to ask for his driver's license so that they could verify that he was 20 years old. While fans of the series will have to tune in to find out what the Coleman parents thought about Taylor's date, Pastor Coleman told The Christian Post about the importance of knowing everything taking place in his daughter's life.

"It sure enough is a journey, but it's a wonderful journey. Be open with your children, talk to them. Keep your eyes on them," Pastor Coleman advised when speaking to CP. "Help them go through the transition because that's what I've learned to do is talk with my daughter. I want to know what's going on with her so I know how to deal with it."

"Preachers' Daughters" comes on Tuesday at 10 p.m. on the Lifetime network.