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'Preachers' Daughters' Exclusive: Victoria Talks Kolby Koloff's Rebellion

'Preachers' Daughters' Exclusive: Victoria Talks Kolby Koloff's Rebellion

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Kolby Koloff may not be the most rebellious daughter on "Preachers' Daughters'" but the latest episode of the Lifetime docu-series proved that she is a typical teenager which her mother does not want people to forget.

While fans of the Lifetime show have watched the Elliott, Coleman and Cassidy families struggle with their daughters' partying, lying and drinking, Koloff's issues seemed more subdued than her co-stars. However, the latest episode of the show featured Kolby wanting to pursue fashion instead of ministry and having typical sibling arguments.

Kolby,17, splits her time between her divorced mother and father, Victoria and Nikita, and convinced the latter to let her go to the beach unchaperoned against her mom's wishes. Victoria told The Christian Post that she is happier that her daughter appears more human in the second season of their show, as opposed to the first when people may have felt she seemed too perfect.

"As far as Kolby goes, she's a typical teenager. My daughter is not perfect," Victoria told CP. "The only thing about season one that if anything bothered me that people were saying too good things about Kolby, they were putting her on a pedestal. She didn't like that either because Kolby's a typical teenager."

Victoria went on explain that while her daughter has issues, she still trusts her.

"She mouths off to me. Kolby does things that I tell her not to do," Victoria told CP. "She's not a perfect kid, but she makes good decisions, I'm very proud of the decisions she makes."

According to Victoria, "Preachers' Daughters" helped her deal with Kolby.

"I've always trusted her. We've always been close, the show made us closer and deal with issues instead of putting them on the back burner saying 'we'll worry about that later,'" Victoria told CP. "We still have to deal with them, just in front of a bunch of people."

Victoria insists that it is healthy for people to see Kolby mess up a bit, so that her daughter doesn't feel pressured to be anything more than a normal teenager.

"That's typical normal stuff but I'm ok with it because its going to show like I said about season one, I dont want that kind of pressure on Kolby. People putting her on a pedestal because then if she messes up or when she messes up everyone is there to say 'ha ha ha you messed up,''" Victoria told CP. "And that's what we do in the church. We wait for somebody to fall so we can put our foot in their neck and hold them down. And I don't want that for any of my kids."

Still, Victoria is not willing to let her daughter do everything just to fit in with being a teenager.

"Now let me say I may not be that calm if she ran off got drunk did drugs," she told CP. "But like I said I'm not real concerned about those things."


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