'Preachers' Daughters' Recap: Who Reunited and Who Didn't?

The latest episode of "Preachers' Daughters" featured a very unexpected date between Nikita and Victoria, as well as an uncomfortable dinner with Olivia, Frankie, and her parents and more dramatic defiance from Taylor.

When Victoria opened the door to find her ex-husband Nikita, she received the surprise of her life. Nikita had previously talked about wanting to repair their relationship for the sake of their family. It was obvious Victoria was uncomfortable, but Kolby and her sisters were equally as thrilled to see their father.

Nikita and Victoria then went out on an awkward date to "catch up on lost time," as Nikita said. The two made small talk before moving on to the tougher discussion as to whether they were actually ever happy in their relationship.

"Nikita being saved changed our relationship because the things we were doing for fun, we stopped doing. It wasn't Jesus' fault, it was our fault," Victoria told the camera. Then they got into a disagreement over the girls' priority in Nikita's life.

Of course, the two pastors were able to move past their disagreement and agree to work towards being friends on a "new and different" level than before.

"It was a good first step," Victoria later told Kolby. "The only way that could have happened is the Lord. The Lord worked on our hearts. God can do anything."

Later on, Kolby had an encounter of her own with ex-boyfriend Micah. She admitted to being afraid of having a relationship with him because of her parents' relationship and warnings of a relationship's influence with God. Micah admitted to missing her, and the couple reunited.

Taylor and her friends were offered the opportunity to model for the cover of Taylor's current love interest's CD. She justified her actions by saying that her father did not explicitly say that she couldn't see Demotious and that she'd be home by curfew.

Meanwhile, Taylor's mother was frantic to get in touch with her.

"Taylor, this is mom. Look, you're dad's having some breathing problems; I took him to the hospital, but you need to pray. Give me a call when you get this," a voicemail said. Taylor was more focused on Demotious, though, and continued with the photo shoot, completely oblivious to the voicemails that her mom was leaving.

By the time she got the messages, Taylor learned that her father had been admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). She immediately went to the hospital but then later, at home, blamed herself for adding to her father's stress. It seemed to be a wake-up call for the teen.

Olivia's parents previously asked Frankie to join him and his wife for dinner, which put Olivia in a tough situation. She still wants to remain friends and isn't sure if she wants to date Frankie, yet the dinner made her feel pressured to make a decision one way or the other.

"We need to help Olivia feel out where (Frankie) is coming from," Olivia's father, Mark, told the camera, referring to the fact that Frankie and Olivia used to party together. "What I'd like for you, Olivia, is a guy that is perfect and chivalrous," he later added.

Frankie made good with Mark when he explained that he wanted to be a "good friend and good influence on Olivia and Eden." Unfortunately, later on, Olivia discovered that Frankie blocked her on Facebook and Instagram; once she investigated, she discovered that he had a girlfriend he had previously failed to mention.

It was just another tumultuous episode in the life of three preachers' daughters and their families.

"Preachers' Daughters" airs Tuesday nights on Lifetime.