'Preachers of LA' Exclusive: Jay Haizlip Talks God's Deliverance From Drugs; Defends Controversial Series

There are six cast members on this show, we all come from different types of experiences, we're all in different places in ministry and the length of time we do ministry, the style of ministry, our approach to ministry, none of us are all the same. If we were all cookie cutter just a like that would be boring. We all have the same core value, we all believe in Jesus, we all believe in the Bible. But our philosophy and approaches can be different from person to person. The guys that are on the show, for the most part several of them I've gotten to know really well and I love those guys. They are real, they are genuine. I like all of them. The people that I've gotten to know, and I know all of them to some level...I mean these guys are good guys. They're not about their cars. The goal of ministry for them isn't about the size of their bank account or the kind of car they can drive or how big a house they can live in. That is way down the list of their priorities. Their number one priority is ministry. I realize that people are saying stuff about.. it's just about materialism and excessive wealth and all of this stuff, they're doing stuff that is wrong. That's the furthest thing from the truth. I've gotten to know these guys and they love people, they love their community, they help their community. These guys do incredible works to make their community and the world they're reaching out to a better place. I just think it's awesome what these guys are doing.

CP: What are you hoping to accomplish with or through "Preachers of LA"?

Haizlip: My desire, number one, is that there's gonna be millions of people who watch this show that would never go to any church anywhere. They're not going to come listen to a preacher, they're not gonna turn on Christian television. This show is not going to be a preaching TV show. It's not going to be us standing on a platform preaching messages, that's not what this show is. This show is a show where millions of people will get to watch us do life, and what it's really like to live in our shoes. I don't believe people really understand what it's like to be a pastor. ...

I don't think people really realize the weight and the pressure and the responsibility that pastors have on them. How they have the responsibility to care for their flock and their church and their people and just everything that comes at them. How they help people, and how they have to work through their own problems and own challenges. Most people don't realize that a pastor has challenges. Most people think that a pastor, his wife and his family...that somehow God puts a special blanket of protection around them and they're able to live a nice, picture-perfect life when that's not accurate. We have challenges just like everybody else has challenges. We have frustrations just like everybody else. You're gonna get to see us work through those things, overcome some things, help other people overcome some things. You're gonna get to see real life behind the pulpit. I think as a result of that, it's going to minister to people indirectly.

I believe it will change people's perspective about God, I think it will change people's perspective about church, because people have a perspective of God and church that really isn't accurate and they have formed these opinions not based on any personal experience they've ever had. … I think watching this show will cause people to see 'Wow God is relatable. God understands me. I can be real with God and God can be real with me. I don't' have to be in some state of perfection, I can come to God just like I am. God is a loving God who will walk me down a pathway to a better life.'

CP: Is there anything else you would like to add, maybe about your ministry, "Preachers of L.A.," anything at all?

Haizlip: I think the thing I really would like all of your readers to get [is that] there are certain people who have already formed an opinion about the show, some of your questions reflected to that. But, I want to encourage people to not form a full opinion based on partial information. I would encourage people to watch the show because what they think it is now, may not be what it really is. I think that if people will give the show an honest opportunity, I believe they're gonna be amazed and blown away at what the show really is, and how good it's gonna be for the kingdom and how good it's gonna be for our faith. People may not agree with every element of the show, but over the show in itself is going to do a whole lot for what we represent and what we're about. So I just want to encourage people, just to be willing to say, 'Okay, I'm gonna save the judgment for later on down the road. I'm gonna watch the show and let the show help me form my opinion.' Because this show is gonna be awesome and I want people to check it out.