Preacher's Wife Sheree Fletcher Calls Meagan Good Wardrobe 'Ironic'

Sheree Fletcher, the mother of Will Smith's first son who married NFL-player-turned minister Terrell Fletcher, stars in the reality television series "Hollywood Exes." Fletcher is speaking up about controversy surrounding fellow preacher's wife Meagan Good.

Good, the 32-year-old Christian actress married to Hollywood executive and preacher DeVon Franklin, presented the BET "Best Gospel Artist" award in a revealing blue dress with a plunging neckline. The Christian actress' wardrobe caused a number of people to take to social media networks like Twitter to question the actress who has been vocal about her faith in numerous interviews lately.

Fletcher recently revealed her thoughts about Good's choice of wardrobe in Juicy magazine.

"I think the dress was a little low and that wouldn't be a choice that I would make for me at this stage of the game in my journey, but you live and you learn," Fletcher said of Good, whom she also called "beautiful." "It was ironic that the award she was presenting was a gospel category."

Still, Fletcher admitted that as a star of a reality television show, some Christians may even judge her.

"There are some saved folk that don't think church and show business go together in any way, shape or form. You have to respect people's opinions, but I refuse to live my life letting other people put me in a box," she recently told Juicy magazine. "This is something that I feel that I am supposed to be doing."

Good stood up for herself by taking to her Instagram account last week.

"I never forgot God was there for a second... and would never be ashamed of what I'm wearing (in) front of him...," Good responded to one person on Instagram. "He loves me for exactly who He created me to be despite what anyone else thinks..."