Precious Little Boy Helps Create the Cutest Marriage Proposal Video Ever

(Photo: YouTube Screenshot/hopeandyberr)

This adorable little boy named Camden uses his time on camera to speak about his Aunt Sarah. He loves her very much and shows it by saying beautiful things about her throughout the video. Although he is not able to pronounce many words, there are subtitles at the bottom to help tell the story and explain what he is trying to say.

His Aunt Sarah and her boyfriend, Andy, met in church and have been in love ever since. During the video, Camden shows a picture that Andy drew for Sarah and explains that he loves her very much. But, there is more to this video then most people expect...there is a BIG surprise at the end.

Andy put the video on in the church they met in, HOPE Church, while the family hid in the back, and she has since admitted that she didn't suspect a thing. Watch below as Andy uses this video to surprise his girlfriend by proposing to her. Will she say "yes"?