Pregnant Coach Dies: Catholic School Lacrosse Team Involved in Tragic Bus Crash (VIDEO)

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(Photo: Seton Hill University/File)Women's college lacrosse coach Kristina Quigley of Seton Hill University tragically died on Saturday March 16, 2013 when the team's bus crashed on the way to a game. Quigley was six months pregnant, and her unborn baby also was unable to survive the accident.

A pregnant lacrosse coach has died after the bus she was traveling in veered off the Pennsylvania Turnpike and slammed into a tree. The bus driver, as well as the coach and her unborn baby all died, and numerous other lacrosse players traveling on the bus were seriously injured in the accident on Saturday.

According to authorities, a women's lacrosse team from Seton Hill University was among 23 people on the bus when it crashed Saturday just before 9 a.m.

It is not yet know why the bus veered off the road, and authorities have confirmed there were no other vehicles involved in the incident.

Pregnant coach Kristina Quigley, 30, was severely injured in the crash, and although she was rushed to hospital by helicopter, she soon died from her injuries. She was six months pregnant, and Cumberland County authorities have confirmed the unborn baby also died in the tragedy.

Sixty-one year old driver, Anthony Guaetta, died at the scene of the crash.

All other passengers on board the bus were taken to local hospitals as a precaution, according to The Associated Press, and all are believed not to be in stable conditions.

When the bus crashed the team was on their way to play a Saturday afternoon fixture against Millersville University, which is about 50 miles from where the accident took place. It would have been the team's fourth game of the season so far.

Seton Hill is a Catholic School near Pittsburgh with about 2,500 students. Officials at the school have said that a memorial is being planned for Sunday night on campus for the victims of the accident.

The bus operating company, Mlaker Charter & Tours, of Davidsville, Pa., is up to date on all inspections to date, according to Jennifer Kocher, a spokeswoman for the state Public Utility Commission, which regulates bus companies, AP has reported.

Here is a video news report into the accident: