Pregnant Mother Must Choose to Save Her Life or Baby's in Tearjerking Lingerie Ad (VIDEO)

(Screenshot: WacoalThailand/YouTube)

Wacoal, the Asian lingerie maker, waylaid us with the stunning "My Beautiful Woman" commercial about a young mother with a shocking secret. That unforgettable ad is actually just one, the second, of a series.

Based on a true story, this first entry "My Beautiful Woman" ad follows a young married couple who finally gets pregnant after years of trying. Their excitement is palpable as they wait in the doctor's office, presumably for a routine appointment.

However, their joy turns into shock when the doctor tells them that the pregnancy has, for the most part, turned into a life-and-death situation. The mother must choose between her life or her baby's.

If for some reason lingerie doesn't work out for Wacoal, they should focus on creating commercials that make people cry – because they are really good at it.