'Premium Edition' of 'Grand Theft Auto V' Surfaces Online, Listed with March Release Date

Listing indicates the 'Premium Edition' will be released for the Xbox One
Facebook courtesy of Grand Theft Auto VA new edition of 'Grand Theft Auto V' could be released soon

To say that "Grand Theft Auto V" has been successful would be quite the understatement.

The latest installment in Rockstar's massively popular open-world series established itself as a hit right out of the gate, and has just remained as a top-seller even years after its initial launch.

For those who still do not own a copy of the game, it seems that the folks at Rockstar may attempt to entice them with a new offer.

Spotted recently by Gamepur, a listing on Amazon Germany indicated that something known as the "Premium Edition" of "Grand Theft Auto V" was apparently coming soon.

The listing has since been taken down, though an image included in the article linked to above indicated that the "Premium Edition" of the open-world title has been given a release date of March 23 and is apparently coming to the Xbox One.

Unfortunately, additional details about this "Premium Edition" of the game are not available currently, and the developers at Rockstar Games have yet to announce any plans to release a new version of "GTA V."

Still, the absence of any clear information has not kept people from speculating about what this potential, new edition could offer to fans.

Sehran Shaikh of Gamepur mused that this version could boast full support for the Xbox One X, which makes sense given the platform included in the listing.

ComicBook's Robert Workman speculated that bonuses related to "GTA Online" may be included in this new edition, such as some Shark Cards or perhaps even an enterprise pack.

More than a few have made it known that they would like to see some single-player DLC released for the currently available "GTA" game, but it is difficult to imagine the developers coming out with that add-on, even if it is for a "Premium" variant of the open-world title.

Hopefully for fans, more details about this recently spotted "Premium Edition" of "Grand Theft Auto V" will be made available sooner rather than later.