Prepare to Be Blessed: The Voice's Matt Schuler Inspires With Moving Rendition of Original Song to God, 'Vices to Victory'

(Photo: Screen Grab via YouTube Dan Faehl)NBC's The Voice contestant, Matthew Schuler

Christian contestant and frontrunner on NBC's "The Voice," Matthew Schuler, 20, wasn't joking around when he declared that he is singing for the Lord. A video of an original song he recorded this summer in praise of God's power to turn vices into victory is inspiring thousands of viewers on YouTube and they are giving thanks for his faithfulness.

A video of the song written and sung by Schuler titled, "Vices to Victory," gets to the heart of human frailty and the need for communion with God. An edited version of the lyrics to the song provided by guitarist Daniel Faehl, who also posted the video to YouTube, follows below.

Saturate the deepest part of my soul. Let Your ways shape the path I take.
Your strength is my strength, help me fight for You

And I'll turn my vices into victory, the power of Christ has set me free. You've broken my chains, in You I'm saved. And You hung my sin upon a tree, and left it there You died for me. I give you my praise, how I love Your name

No we won't faint, we'll stand in the midst of the storm. You won't forsake Your beloved, on heaven and earth You reign. And Your strength is my strength. Help us fight for You.

I'll turn my vices into victory, the power of Christ has set me free. You've broken my chains, in You I'm saved. And you hung my sin upon a tree, and left it there You died for me.
I give You my praise, how I love Your name

You are my deliverer, the savior of my soul. And Your heart for me, I'll probably never know. And that's why I'll run, and that's why I fight, 'cause you are the Lord of my life

YouTube/Dan Faehl
Matt Schuler - Vices to Victory

"Keep killing it on The Voice man. God's given you a truly amazing talent and I'm a big fan of what you are doing with your music. Just be sure to keep true to yourself. The best music comes from that. Enjoyed this thoroughly…congrats on what you've done so far," wrote Lane Martin about the video on YouTube.

"First comment I have ever made on YouTube....this is incredible!" wrote Jon Figueroa. "Thank you Matthew for blessing the world with your amazing voice on the show and YouTube. What a gift from God! I can only pray that you will use the show and attention as a tool to share your dedication to The Lord and continue to bless us all with your beautiful mind. Thank you for sharing, you have opened my eyes and mind, to where my focus should be..." he added.

Faehl said he wrote the song with Schuler last winter and describes the singer as one of his best friends. He explained that they wanted to use a piano to provide the background music for the song but their studio space was too small.

"He improvised the whole ending and nailed it, we didn't really plan it, we just kept on playing," noted Faehl of the performance. He then praised his friend as talented and easy to work with.

"Aside from being one of my best friends, he has been one of the easiest singers to work with, we'd play things like jazz, gospel, reggae, hard rock, funk, Latin etc. and his voice easily would transition genres and modulations more naturally than anyone I've ever worked with. Hope to put up some more stuff once the show is over," he said.

In a recent interview with, Schuler declared that he sings to glorify God and help people.

"It has been a wild ride," he said of his star turn on "The Voice." "I have started to not look at everything so I can continue to be humble about everything. But my relationship with Jesus Christ has helped me out the most. I am not doing this for me I am doing this for the love of God and people. To share my passion of music is what keeps me being me. The weak will inherit the earth so I want to be humble and bless others," he added.

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