President 2016: Paul Ryan vs. Joe Biden? Hillary Could Step Up (VIDEO)

Although Barack Obama was just announced as the 44th president of the United States, there has already been much speculation about the 2016 ticket. Who will run to become the 45th president?

It seems that this year's presidential campaigning dragged on just a little too long for many. A number of people suggested that enough was a enough, and one little girl even broke down into tears over the mass media coverage of the elections. But could 2016 be a near repeat?

Reporters caught up with Joe Biden on Tuesday after he cast his vote. When asked if it would be the last time that the 69-year-old voted for himself, he stated, "No, I don't think so," according to ABC News.

Biden hasn't been shy about running for president in the past. By 2016, he will have over 44 years of political experience and two previous presidential campaigns- one in 2008 and one in 1988.

"You can vote for me in 2016," Biden told a voter last week in Florida. To make things even more interesting, his Republican opponent could be none other than Paul Ryan. The up-and-coming politician is slated to offer some of the most potential on the Republican ballot for the 2016 race, according to some websites.

"Paul Ryan, the young, telegenic and issue-driven congressman from Wisconsin, will be a highly visible Obama foil from his position as House Budget Committee chairman," predicted. "From there, he can tout his proposals for entitlement and tax reform as alternatives to Democratic policies. Married with three children, he is a graduate of Miami University of Ohio."

Of course, some are still holding out hope that a woman will take the seat in 2016. While Hillary Clinton may be a long-lost dream for some voters, others have projected that Kathleen Sebelius, former governor of Kansas and current Secretary of Health and Human Services, holds serious potential. It will also likely be Sarah Palin's last opportunity to seek the spot.