President Obama Responds to Nicki Minaj's Mitt Romney Endorsement

President Barack Obama recently responded to a song in which renowned rapper Nicki Minaj openly criticizes his leadership and admits to being a Republican who is voting for his contender Mitt Romney.

In Lil Wayne's "Mercy (Remix)," Minaj rapped: "I'm a Republican voting for Mitt Romney / You lazy [expletive] is [expletive] up the economy." Despite receiving widespread backlash and even death threats over what appeared to be Minaj's endorsement of Romney, Obama suggested that critics should not rush to conclusions and that Minaj's rap lyrics may have been a product of the various "characters" she portrays in her music.

"I'm not sure that's actually what happened … She likes to play different characters. So I don't know what's going on there," Obama said in an interview with an Orlando radio station Monday.

Minaj, who up until Monday had not responded to the backlash from her fans, confirmed that Obama's theory was accurate.

"Ha! Thank you for understanding my creative humor & sarcasm Mr. President, the smart ones always do... *sends love & support* @BarackObama," Minaj tweeted.

"Awesome! Now I can tell my grandchildren that the 1st black President of the United States took the time to address a Nicki Minaj question," she later tweeted.

Minaj stunned her predominately African-American fan base recently when she appeared to slam President Obama and support Mitt Romney in the song.

Her lyrics sparked outrage among her fans because over 90 percent of African-American voters voted for Obama in 2008 and the vast majority still support the President, according to polls.

Many of Minaj's fans had previously flocked to social networking site Twitter where they posted a series of disturbing tweets about ending Minaj's life over the song.