Presidential Advisor Says Attacks on Christian Copts an Attempt to Disrupt Egyptian Unity

Dr. Sekina Fouad, a journalist and presidential advisor for women's affairs, has denounced the attacks being made on churches and Christian Copts' houses in Egypt, which she described as an attempt to disrupt the Egyptian state's unity.

In her interview with Mideast Christian News, Fouad described the phase experienced by Egypt as "a bloody period at the hands of the MB's terrorist groups."

"There is a scheme to the attacks made on Egypt's national unity," she said. "Which is one considered one of Egypt's main strengths," and added, "Copts of Egypt will not accept any doubts to their loyalty."

The president's advisor blamed leaderships of Gamaat Islamiyya and the Muslim Brotherhood for what has been happening.

"They incite their supporters to destroy Egypt, exploiting a religion that they haven't spared of their tyranny, nor spared Christianity."

Fouad commented on what Egypt is currently experiencing and said it is "an attempt by the MB to keep, what they believe, gains them power, but instead have earned all the people's hate."

"The MB's attempts are doomed to fail," Fouad stressed. "They are losing their chance to return to their previous ranks in Egypt again."

She described what Egypt is currently going through as "a new birth" and that the country is traversing through it to a future of stability.