Prince Harry Dumped by Model for Las Vegas Antics: 'Harry Has Blown It' (PHOTO)

Prince Harry has embarrassed not only himself and his family members, but also his model girlfriend Cressida Bonas who now wants time away from their relationship according to reports.

A new report has alleged that Prince Harry's girlfriend Cressida Bonas, 23, who has been dating the prince over the course of the summer is now seeking space from her humiliating boyfriend. Bonas is allegedly "humiliated" by the naked photos that were leaked of the prince while he was in Las Vegas.

"He's ruined his chances now," a friend of the heiress was quoted by Mail Online. "Harry has blown it. Cressida saw a future with him, but he clearly isn't as serious about her as he claimed to be."

Photos of the prince revealed him to be not only naked, but also in the company of two other women who also had no clothes on.

"Everyone in their group thought they were getting it on. Cressida definitely saw the romance as a goer and is gutted by what happened," the source continued adding that, "Cressida is pretty peeved."

Another of Bona's friends also spoke to Mail Online and admitted that the Las Vegas incident has severely hampered the couple's relationship.

"The relationship was pretty low key to begin with, but some of Cressida's friends say it won't get off the ground now," the friend stated.

Meanwhile, rumors have surfaced that one of the girls that Harry was spotted with while in Las Vegas may come forward to recount the events that took place. Her report will allegedly be backed by a lie detector test to confirm that her account is true.

The royals were reportedly not happy with Prince Harry's antics, as he headed back to England last week. One report suggested that the prince was in deep "trouble." The prince himself has yet to speak out on the event but has plans to return to work on Monday.