Prince Harry on Baby George's Future: 'I'll Make Sure He Has Fun'

Prince Harry finally broke his silence about the newest Prince to join the family, his nephew George. Of course, the Royal known for having a good time promised to "make sure he has fun."

"It's fantastic to have another addition to the family," Harry quipped at the Stories of Hope exhibition at the Sentebale, a charity he co-founded in honor of his mother, Princess Diana. He took a few questions at the viewing, given that everyone wanted to know more about Prince George.

"When I saw him, he was crying, which is just like all babies. I only hope my brother knows how expensive my babysitting charges are!" Harry said. He visited the family the day after they brought baby George home and before they left for Bucklebury, where they will reportedly stay for the next three weeks.

When asked what kind of uncle he wanted to be, Harry said he wanted "to make sure George has a good upbringing and to keep him out of harm's way and make sure he has fun. The rest of it I'll leave to the parents."

Harry is close with both Kate and William and will certainly be a prominent figure in his nephew's life. The four of them will be moving into their new apartments at Kensington Palace as soon as renovations are complete, keeping them relatively close to one another.

Even though Harry is often in the press for his wild antics, he also has quite a serious side. He is devoted to his family and honoring the memory of his late mother and is the member of several of her charities in addition to forming his own charities in her honor. Harry is also a decorated soldier and is proud to serve his country.

There has been talk recently of him deploying yet again for a tour in Afghanistan; the tour would be his third to the country.